“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…”   The whimsical words, like a melodious wisp, escaped to a dimension I have yet to experience.  The intended recipient, the flesh of my flesh, would have been 30 years old today, yet did not exist beyond 10 1/2 years.  It seems deviant to know one of my children does not live on the earthly plain to celebrate.  Years pass.   I remember.   I daydream about what might have been.  I do not feel it as grief, per se.  The feeling is more of a forlorn longing.  It just is.  It is deep and empty.  At times, I comfort myself with thoughts of divine orchestration and a deeply held belief that all things work for the good.  I recall with thanks the love given and received and the lessons emblazoned in my soul that now serves as the platform for my passion and life calling.  I will, in fact, celebrate his life today.  Maybe his angel wings will gently blow out the candles…….


My little teacher!