I want to summarize for you a teleconference I listened to on Immune Support.  I do not want to make this long and drawn out, but want to make sure your have the information you need to experience a healthy fall and winter season.  Yes, it is possible!

The first line of defense is Immuglobin A and the mucous membranes including the nose, throat and lungs.  This first line of defense can actually be “boosted” for 2 1/2 to 3 hours at a time.  Going to school, flying in an airplane, going to a gathering where you will be EXPOSED?  You can be prepared!  Immunoburst is a product that does just that!

There are T and B cells which build as we are exposed to various bacteria and viruses.  B Cells actually build a reference library once exposure has happened.  As children, the catalog is small and builds.  Then, as we age it begins to decline and the vulnerability for illness increases.  There are natural ways to not only support the immune system, but food compounds, like certain mushrooms,  that will supplant and actually take over the immune system, strengthening the processes of the body. I have several formulas that I can recommend including Solynx.  It is packaged in a 7 day supply, but all seven days are not usually needed.  There are also daily immune supports, like Super Immune that keep the body on the look out.

There is one supplement in-particular that is like “magic”.  There are over 75 trillions cells in the body, but over 100 trillion cells in the gut. 75% of our immunity resides in the gut.  Dr. Bernard Jensen,  use to say that “90-95% of all disease originates in the gut.”  During digestion, food is broken down into usable components by the body and then rebuild into what is LITERALLY you!  Aloe Vera can support the immune and digestive system in a very magically way.

  • M – Microbiome:  Aloe helps create an environment in the gut to create optimal functioning and support the growth of good bacteria.  The human microbiome is a incredible subject.  I will just say here that a healthy microbiome has been compromised beginning at birth and the continual onslaught of a poor diet and medications continues the dessent.  We can do something about by ingesting Aloe Vera.
  • A – Absorption:  All the “right foods” can be consumed but if the nutrients are not adsorbed, then it is in vain.  Aloe Vera can help maximize absorption.
  • G – Glucose Balance:  The consumption of sugar and a simple carbohydrates play havoc on our blood sugars.  The optimum glucose level is a fasting blood sugar of below a 90.  As we grow older, blood sugar levels naturally rise.  Aloe can help stabilized glucose levels to a healthy level.  When blood sugars are unstable, there is an increased risk of debilitating. dis-ease.   Germs, mold and yeast LOVE sugar.  The more sugar devoured, the more sugar in the tissues, which means more infections.  GET SUGAR OUT.  As you are getting sugar out, exercise.  Exercise gets sugar out of the blood stream.  The exercise HAS TO HAVE a component of SWEAT and building muscle. When the core body temperature rises through exercise, it is fighting infection.  As you are removing sugar from your kitchen be aware that garlic, onions and most every spice can help support the immune system.
  • I – Immunity:  When the gut is healthy, immune function is healthy.
  • C – Collagen:  Aloe can help with collagen production.  Collagen supports our skin, joints and connective tissues.

Feel free to call me at the store for more information or come in a see me.  Do not let the winter barrage of illness keep you down this fall and winter season.  You have a choice!

If you would like to hear this teleconference on immune, go to: http://www.freeconferencing.com/playback_br.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/OXZdP/jO2wH

IF you would like to make contact with me,  go to:  www.twinpeaksnutritionandwellness.com