I was asked how I was doing for the millionth time.  After all, that is what we do, we ask, but most of the time we really do not want an answer.  However, this was a sincere inquiry as she knows of the trouble our family has known.  The details do not matter, because really, life is a conundrum. Like water that will forever run into the sea,  it is the continuum of existence, which all of us can speak of. What may be different is the way we choose to look at the disturbance. My answer was one that came from within, a rumination from a movie I had watched with my daughter, the night before, which included a unique pair of spectacles.

In the movie, there was a map that led the seekers to a buried treasure.   When looked at with the naked eye, nothing was seen.  The glasses were put on and all of the sudden insight and direction appeared. As the different combinations of color were adjusted on the glasses, a new image was revealed.

Perspective is the deciding factor of resilience.  When we look through “rose-colored glasses” we may not fully appreciate the significance of the trial, because we may skim over the emotional pain. If we looked through blackened colored glasses we bathe in the pain and do not see the blessing.

That was my answer to the pretensionless spokesman.  Her question tapped into the wellspring of my soul and aqua pura of encouragement gushed forth.  I told her that am looking through spectacles of variance and learning new things about me, about those I love and about lessons that are inevitable.  With each reflection, enlightenment is enhanced and amplification of peace is experienced if chosen.  I am in no way saying this is effortless but be encouraged, it is possible.  Surround yourself with those who will help you change the lenses to gain new learnedness.  Above all,  keep changing the color combination until you have solace.  You are not alone.